Our world has become increasingly faster. Meanwhile, our attention spans are growing increasingly shorter.I have heard many world renowned spiritual teachers emphasize meditating everyday at the same time l morning AND in the evening. Many of us are in a place where we don’t believe we have the time.
Here’s the good news…
What’s different between you meditating and you not meditating… nothing. You, the sacred, are SACRED– no matter what you do, period. Your magnificent being-ness is always there. We believe we are offering one of of the myriad of ways that exist to connect yourself with your own sacredness. Come with us on a Sacred Walk.
Born out of the 7–12 minute walk to the NYC subway from the creators’ apartments, we understood that instead of perpetually checking social media or listening to music, we could connect with ourselves.
We intend to give you about 10 minutes of time with yourself. Where you are is irrelevant. You could be home or it can be an actual walk-to the subway, in the park, solely in your mind or out and about. The idea is to take 10 minutes to invest in your peace, your vision, your greatness, your innocence, your joy…you get it
Every day except Sunday you’ll be given a brand new meditation.
These are inspired, intuitive and spontaneous creations. It could be the music that feeds you, the voice, the content, or the combination of all three.. Take what serves you and leave the rest. Our listeners report that during these 10 minutes, whatever it is that needed to be seen and heard gets illuminated and a little release happens. We are happy to join you in that



Al has been on this journey of self-exploration for 20 years now. Why? Looking for love. After decades of testing different systems, paths of enlightenment and every new-age product out there – he found out the path to happiness and purpose is within him. Al’s words and even the notes he plays comes from a deep inner wisdom and intuition and delivers a divine message direct from the unmanifest to your headphones.



Having grown up in Israel in an ultra orthodox community he witnessed  first hand what following a spiritual dogma can do without the commitment to knowing oneself be first and perhaps the only requirement along the journey. As a result of this blind course set to follow rules and nothing else, he witnessed his community and caregivers fall prey, some very heavily, to a severely un-integrated shadow. Though his religious upbringing and life long commitment to human liberation he delivers a powerful, light hearted and spontaneous message in every sacred walk.